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Re: BT Cloud new client version failed

No it’s only the icon but the settings look right (where they eventually show). Looking at it further it has not backed any changed files I think. But as the new interface is rubbish I’m not sure, the old one put ticks on files and gave an understandable output of what it was doing.

Bring back the old version!

Or at least test anything new!
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Same situation. Opened BT Cloud yesterday and received the message  “BT Cloud must perform an update to version 20.6.1. BT Cloud will restart once the update is complete”.

Clicked and update downloaded. Then nothing. App wouldn't open and cannot access content.

Small BT Cloud in Taskbar shows constant Sync but no access to App. Then when access is allowed it prompts another Update to 20.6.1. So the cycle starts again and constant Sync using up my CPU.

No updated information and limited access to Documents and Photos.

It appears to be a FIASCO.

Come on BT inform your customers what is happening ?


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Me too!!
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Worse still. Have now tried running .exe and Avast has found a virus in the file and put it into the virus vault. BEWARE! 



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BT Cloud - Malware

Had a problem today updating BT Cloud (as requested). Would not work afterwards, so eventually I uninstalled it. I went on to the proper BT site to download it to my laptop again, but my antivirus provider, AVG, would not let me as it said the app was infected with malware. To be specific, "CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe was infected with IDP.Generic". So I aborted & quarantined the file. Now I have no cloud backup. Any suggestions?

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Re: BT Cloud - Malware

It's also broken for me too.  Keeps on pausing after an error that says it can't continue.  Says its full when its not. It has also now duplicated lots of files that I had previously deleted by downloading them all over again.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Just spoken to a very helpful advisor from BT Cloud on 0800 500 3114 who talked me through it and it's now working but I preferred the older version.  Click the little arrow  on the right hand side of the task bar and if there is a black cloud with a tick in it then its working. I had to be talked through downloading the app again because I'm not that technically minded. Glad to say it seems to be working again

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

And add me. I wasn't going to post anything but since the moderator decided to inform us that the upgrade went smoothly for most users I feel I need to add my voice. 

I've ended up with a cheap and nasty looking upgrade which is inferior to the previous version. This is very similar to the situation that arose when the BT Webmail was upgraded. I've got 2 BT Cloud folders, one with (1) added to the folder name. They are almost identical to each other. I cannot remember the detail but I think 2 files may have had their settings changed. The BT Cloud folder settings appear to have changed. There is now no longer anything appearing automatically on the desktop.

I fear that BT regards these as 'free' products and we should be grateful for what we get. I doubt very much that the upgrades to  BT Cloud and BT webmail were intended to be improvements

Never the less I feel that any attempt to remedy the situation will only lead to further complications. Fortunately I have other backups available to me which is why I chose initially not to register my view.

For the purpose of balance I have to say that BT have proved to a very reliable service over the many years I've been with them and I'm not tempted to go elsewhere. Before you decide to leave them check the reliability of the alternatives first.



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Re: BT Cloud - Malware

I'm having the same problem as everyone else with a failed update in Win10.

As a temporary plaster:

I have the BT Cloud app on my android phone.It is currently still working and updating.All my files appear to be intact.

I have it on a second Win10 machine.If I ignore the update prompt I can still access my files ok but it is not syncing.


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


For those with 20/20 vision I now have a microscopic "hidden icon" in that little collection which you need to use when you remove a USB stick. Mine is a white blob with a black tick.

If I right-click on that it shows me what is going on 

On the top there is an option "Open BT cloud sync" - which it doesn't 

and a "Help" option (from the 3 dots) which I thought might help but it took me here

so I clicked

How do I access the BT Cloud dashboard?

which I thought would be my salvation 


But alas, no

Is there anyone out there who sees this as an improvement?

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