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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1 & Microsoft outlook

Nigse999 wrote: Previously I seem to recall that in order to back up Outlook's .pst files it was necessary to close Outlook, but it did not interfere with  normal operation while Outlook was in use (ie BT Cloud kept  backups of open .pst files as a pending operation until such times as Outlook & the associated .pst  files were closed,  only then would it carry out the backup. 

No, that is not the case.  There have always been conflicts since both Outlook and BTCloud required exclusive access to the .pst files at the same time.

In fact, the previous recommendation was to exclude frequently updated large files, such as Outlook .pst files, from the backup completely to avoid your cloud allocation from being used up by multiple versions of the backed up file.  For example, my current .pst file is about 2GB, and updates every 10 minutes when Outlook interrogates the mail server.  So the 1TB cloud allocation would be used up only by .pst versions in less than 4 days!

I posted a solution to this very problem on this forum back in February 2018:

If necessary, move the pst file to a non-backed-up location and modify Outlook to use it there.  This avoids access conflicts and excessive backup copies.  Create a small batch file which runs under the Task Scheduler to run a few in-line commands:

  1. TASKKILL /IM outlook.exe   //Close Outlook, if it is already open //
  2. Copy "xxx.pst" "yyy.pst"  //Copy the pst (and ost, if using exchange) files to a backed-up location
  3. IF "%Errorlevel%"=="1" then retry step 1  
  4. start "" "C:\Program Files\... ...\OUTLOOK.EXE"   //Restart Outlook//

Set the Task Scheduler to run this batch file every 4 weeks or so.

The result is that the pst file is backed up once every 4 weeks, instead of every 10 minutes when it gets changed by Outlook.  This extends the time to fill the 1TB cloud allocation from 4 days to about 40 years, by which time .pst files will be obsolete and I expect to be backed up on a cloud myself.   💀👻

I set the batch file to run every 4 weeks because my mail server retains emails for at least 30 days - and occasionally longer.  So, in theory, every email should be in one of the backed up pst versions.

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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1 & Microsoft outlook

I'm sorry...even though I admire your obvious tech cannot expect an 'ordinay' user/person to start writing 'commands'  to solve a problem with BT's systems...I find all of this latest 'breakages' (see other posts re the 'PC client'  after that latest 'update' (!) etc etc) quite frankly unforgiveable....It is disgusting service...regards JD

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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1 & Microsoft outlook

I totally agree. It seems to me some BT Cloud users are trying to make the best out of a bad job! As I've said before, the user interface is over complicated, badly designed, has too many windows & menus and when implementing a function, there's no feedback to confirm a successful operation. I know well designed software when I see and use it and this certainly is not one of them! BT, get your act together!!
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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1 & Microsoft outlook

And totally agree...and..currently it is broken..totally 😞 Disgusted 😞 J xx

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BT cloud update

After running BT cloud update cannot get any response from icon on desktop and icon down in right hand corner not there now. 

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Re: BT cloud update

MelOz, when you highlight and then double click this icon to start the BT Cloud.exe File, nothing will apparently happen, but this is normal.
If you have performed these action correctly, a small cloud icon will appear either on the Task Bar, or in your hidden icons, which can be accessed via upward pointing arrow at bottom right of the screen.
Click on this Cloud icon and then click on the Globe icon at the top left side of the dashboard.

Let me know how you get on and I will provide more information.
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Re: BT cloud update

What????  This is 'normal'?????? I'm no 'expert'..but all my othe rshortcuts on the desktop work fine! How can this be 'normal' ????? I said...BT Cloud is broken beyond repair (for PC Client) seems.....what you are suggesting is simply taking you to the 'website' for  But that won't solve the sync problems on a PC based system??? It's getting beyond a joke now.....think I'll just buy a Seagate 2Tb drive 😞   And maybe consider a supplier change.....Come ON! BT..get your act together now....:(  JD

PS and all that prior comment(s) re 'Outlook' conflicting re those quoted ".pst files"...taking up 'all' the Cloud storage...well...what am 'I' supposed to do about that?? I'm not qualified to start writing 'command lines' or code to sort out BT's idiotic 'update breakages''s pathetic ..sorry're usually pretty good...but this is a joke 🙂 JD

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I keep my accounts in Cloud and yesterday I notice there were duplicate versions of some files, and the contents of some folders were missing.  I had to spend a few hours checking, correcting & replacing my records last night because of this.  I've been getting error messages for the last few days since I downloaded the update, as well as nothing backing up, but important records going missing & weird out of date duplicate files turning up has forced me to delete cloud and use another option for the moment

I hope we will be informed when this is fixed!

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Re: BT cloud update

 if you follow through what I continued to say, perhaps you could resolve your problems. When you communicate in this Forum, you are talking to other users who are trying to help you.

You should have realised by now that no one in BT is listening to you.
If you do not want help. go elsewhere - it is your choice.


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Re: BT cloud update

BT put out an update that is quite simply a load of many updates result in so many issues and BT to sweet nothing about it. The update was clearly not tested by BT and has faults all over it........we all pay a load of money each month to them for a service. Where is the service for this failure and why is this shameful update not being retracted by BT???? You cannot protect the incompetence and lack of Customer Service from BT on this matter.......they are a total disgrace!!!!!!!

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