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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Me too.

I've tried everything but wasted my time.

BT Cloud is pretty hopeless.

Anyone got a definitive fix?

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

....and following instructions from BT's latest update that I can drag (or browse for) folders and files into the web browser page for my BT Cloud.....that didn't work either.

Not pleased

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Re: BT cloud update RKM....

The message I replied to said it had been 'edited' by a 'mod' was assumingly (obviously wrongly), that my reply would go to both.

None of your 'comments' back to me answered any of my questions...(and from others) only have to look at the majority of the posts on here to see what people think of BT right now...which is a great shame.

And your commnet re 'my music colleague sticking to crotchets and quavers' I found quite insulting, as, he was a Chief Programmer for HSBC until recently; so I think he qualifies 'to know what he's talking about'.

Web-based mail you can pickup from anywhere, on any machine.

I shall refrain any further comment as it obvious that  any 'advice' given here to 'ordinary' punters is by folks who 'know' computing...which is another bone of contention; not everyone 'is' a tech expert.

BT need to sort all this out and quickly otherwise I can see them losing a lot of for one.

'Other service providers are availble'. Cheerio.

Regards anyway JD.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


....and following instructions from BT's latest update that I can drag (or browse for) folders and files into the web browser page for my BT Cloud.....that didn't work either.

Not pleased

Hi @mx5ok , 

I use this all the time to share links  - the web interface is accessed from or clicking on the browser icon from the white popup in Windows. Once you login, you will see a blue upload button on the top right which then opens a popup saying "Upload Files". In the centre, there will be a message saying "Drop your files or folders here to upload" or Browser. You can drag files from your windows explorer or desktop etc directly into here. This should work - what error do you get?  

Also what exactly is your issue with the windows client? I echo what a few others have said here, sounds like many have managed to get it working with a bit of guidance. 


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BT Cloud client

I've updated the Windows BT Cloud client (Setup-BTCloud-Production-20.6.1) but the taskbar icon just displays "One time metadate initialization , this may take some time". It's been 3 days and still no progress..... Any ideas?

So far I've uninstalled through Programs and Features and IOBit uninstaller, reinstalled on different drives with different permissions & even dabbled with the config file, nada.


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Re: BT cloud update


your music friend's previous employment is irrelevant as his advice to you (or your interpretation of it) is completely wrong.  Mail stored on any internet connected server can be accessed from any machine anywhere that can log onto the server.  That is not the same as using a web based mail interface, which is what you suggested we should be using based on your friend's advice.  Using a locally hosted email interface does not reduce accessibility, quite the contrary!

For example, my mail is stored on a Microsoft Office365 server.  I collect it using a POP3 protocol using Outlook on my PC, the mail apps on my iPad, mobile phone, Samsung tablet and even my Kindle, again all using local storage.  Similarly, all of those apps send email from the local storage to the server using SMTP protocols.  Other communication protocols are available, each with their advantages and quirks.  On all of those machines however, I can browse, read and write emails whether or not they have an internet connection at the time, because the email is stored locally on the machine and then synched with the server when a reliable connection is next made.

Moreover, emails which may take 10 minutes or longer to compose only require an Internet connection lasting a few seconds to move on or off the server.  Similarly, I can browse through months or years of emails to find the relevant communication without any Internet connection, write an update or reply, and it will be sent from the local outbox within a few seconds as soon as an Internet connection is made.

In the case of my PC using Outlook, the local storage for emails (and address lists, schedules etc.) is an encrypted .pst file, which is where this discussion started: how to avoid conflicting access to the local storage file.  If Outlook was set up as an exchange interface then the local storage would be a .ost file.

I could also use a web based mail interface, and Microsoft even provide a free one (in fact, inherited from Hotmail when they were acquired) just as you (or your friend) recommend, without any local storage.  However, using that method, no access to emails is possible at all without an Internet connection and that connection must be stable and reliable for the time it takes to read and write each message, unless you are happy to spend most of the time reloading rather than actually working.  And good luck browsing through years of communications with only a web mail interface.  It is a bit like using this forum: no Internet connection, no reading posts, no writing post, simply no access.  As such, a web based email interface is significantly inferior in almost every way and that is why your friend's recommendation (or your interpretation of it) is completely wrong.

Probably the only time webmail is useful is when you have to resort to using a public machine, and I consider my personal email as deserving much more security than that.  Perhaps you should too!

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Re: BT cloud update

'rorysheridan, I will try to help you, but will need more info from you. Back in your message 513, you mention that you had two machines and one was working. Can you tell me if this is still the case. Also are these machines identical.'

Different machines, one dell inspiron 7000 and one dell inspiron 5000, both bought within the last few months

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Re: BT cloud update

rorysheridan - Thank you for this information. Are you aware that there is a BT Cloud User Guide available in the BT Help Section that gives good guidance on Backing up and Syncing between various platforms. The guidance includes how to have dissimilar syncing between platforms, for example you can choose which files you want synced to your personal platform and which files you want on your work's platform.
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

The new BT Cloud is causing me grief.  I have a data disk drive, D:\ ,  where my original BT Cloud sync folder was installed.  The new version has created a sync drive on my C drive under C:\user\***\BT Cloud.   I can find no way of changing where I want the sync file to be, i.e. on my D:\ drive.  There used to be an option under the BT Cloud dashboard but that has been omitted from this version.  How can I alter it?  There was no option to select a location when the update was made.

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Re: BT cloud update

Yeah I want the full whack synced across all devices

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