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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I'm still not getting anywhere with ver 20.6.1 on two Windows 10 desktops.

I'm able to save files to BT Cloud, and see my file structure using File Explorer. Files don't appear to be synchronised however.

I note from the Task Manager that BTCloud is a 32bit application.

Has anyone found a workaround which works!?

This has been a static situation for nearly a month now, and I am surprised that we have not seen a BT statement to report where they are at in providing a fix for us. 

Why is this proving so difficult for a bought-in product?



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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Mine is still incredibly hit-and-miss.  It is working (slowly) on folders that were tagged for backup before the upgrade, but there doesn't appear to be any way to tag a new folder for backup.  The loss of a dashboard is frankly bonkers (if there is one as it says on the webpage, it doesn't install, only a shortcut to tell you that you've got BTCloud installed) as there is no way to monitor the cloud from the desktop any more.  The 'download desktop app' just goes nowhere.  None of the 'help' links are live or take you to old pages with a message saying 'sorry, this page no longer exists' - or back to a page trying to sell me new BT products.  

When it does upload, it doesn't always do it right away like it used to (one document that I created last night, for example, didn't upload for the three hours that the computer was on and only uploaded this morning).  

There doesn't appear to be a way to download a whole folder to a new device anymore and it wants me to tag each and every file within the folder to do them one at a time.  It downloads the empty folder - no contents.

It has set up a new file structure on the mobile app so that all folders appear instead of in their hierarchy. 

I don't understand at all why there is a system that has no desktop control anymore or why the inability to download a desktop app (if it really does exist) hasn't been addressed urgently?  I mentioned this the day after the forced 'upgrade'...  


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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I should have added that whilst I am grateful for a previous poster mentioning that 'tray app' facility, it doesn't give the same functionality as the previous desktop app and I'm really fed up of it spooling round and round and round and round....  

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Re: BT Cloud update not working


I share your view however what BT told me was this is a brand new system and on brand new platform and so totaly it is not the same as the old one. Also the only way to enter is by the tray function and the screen icon is a thing of the past.

If you open the tray icon, you will see you files loading, if you press the me button at the top of this screen and you can play about with the tabs on this new screen and pretty much see everything you used too.

Change is never easy. Hope this help.

Festive Greetings


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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Well, I am fed up with this seemingly hopeless new BT Cloud. I have a file that I have set to upload and keep in sync, the tray icon shows as this file was uploaded 35min ago. There is no trace of it on the cloud web.

So I set about uploading it manually and selected the file and watched the upload bar complete, went to the BT Cloud web and again searched for it. I still could not find it, I then entered the file name in the search box and that couldn't find it either.

I did find a copy of the file dated the 4/12/2020 and today the 27/12/2020 file is not shown and the one of the 4th is so far out of date to be unusable.

I have set up a command in Robocopy that transfers this and other folders to another hard drive, one drive, Dropbox and BT Cloud. all the destinations except BT Cloud show as being backed up correctly. And as said above a direct upload within BT Cloud still does not work. This is so annoying and frustrating and BT seems unable to update us on what is going on.

We PAY for this in the BT Package so IT IS NOT FREE and is now UNFIT FOR PURPOSE so we should be entitled to a refund. (SO we can get a professional system like DropBox, Macrium and many others)

The questions only easy if you already know the answer
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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Hi @AJW1100  when you are searching the web,  from the Home Screen, clicking on the folder icon on the left should show you a list of repositories. You should have your windows machine listed against it with desktop as the sync type. If you click through there - it should show you your backed up folder structure.  Browse to the file location just like your laptop/PC and then:
1. Do you see the original file regardless of date modified?

2. When you download and view it - can you see the changes from today?

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Please do remember that BT itself is clear that the desktop app which was force downloaded on us (so that anything would work at all) is flawed and should be replaced in early New Year - until that happens, which may well be in the first week of January (and please, BT people reading this, if that is to be delayed please let us know) it may be worth waiting to see if the problems many of us are experiencing are resolved. It does certainly seem to be true that the app feedback we are getting may well be belying the true nature - at least in so far as things may actually be working when they look as if they are not. Accessing the web (browser) based app by clicking on the globe which sits at the top of the BT Cloud 'box' which appears when you click on the 'other apps' upwards arrow on the Task Bar at the right of the screen (Windows users) gives you the clearest view of what is there and what is happening - the drop down list which appears in the box of different files is much less helpful.

I am hoping that the new version of the desktop app (in that it sits in the taskbar on the desktop) will give better feedback (such as that it has successfully loaded) and ideally offer links to 'what has changed and how to use it' web pages - as do so many other apps on update. Of course most apps like this do not offer you the old large 'desktop' presence on loading - and it make sense for BT's app to be consistent with modern practice. But the current version is perhaps overly minimalist, reflecting the hurried nature of its introduction. And the way its introduction (wasn't) communicated to us was very poor. It wasn't as if we wouldn't notice!

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I have had several problems with the new system but it now seems to have stopped working on the hidden icon which just shows Trying to connect to servers.  None of the buttons work apart from About and close. 

I can get onto the web page directly but nothing has been updated for a week. 

I have closed the app down and restarted to no avail.

Any suggestions?

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Hi, I’ve continued using BT Cloud via Windows File Explorer; but there seems to be a lack of synchronising! Hope this helps.

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Thank your N_T_U, I have found the 'file' that was uploaded. In the BT web app under All My Files this shows as File Name, my file was not shown so I sorted them both ways and by date both ways. However I still did not find the uploaded file.

Where the title is File Name this also includes Files and Folders not only Files as stated. My file was muddled up with other files.

BT seem to think all users are taught by Bill Gates and of course will instinctively know exactly what they need to do and how it all works. Except many of us haven't a clue when the app changes completely and we are left wondering what the hell we need to do to make it work. Especially when there are so many built in faults. I am backing up elsewhere so I can retrieve files and folders as needed. But all faith and trust in BT has been lost over this fiasco.


The questions only easy if you already know the answer
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