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Re: BT Cloud update not working


Ha Ha your link disnae work........dah!!!!!!


Bizarre it works for me and my BT Cloud is working fine as it happens. 😋



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Re: BT Cloud update not working

V_Meldrew - Just to confirm again that your link does work and that the User Guide Referenced is dated 04/12/20, which was when the new version (still to be rectified) was first issued. It still provides lots of useful information.
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Re: BT Cloud update not working

JTS1 Thank you.

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I am still unable to access BTCloud since last upgrade. Any further develpments fom BT?

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Re: BTcloud

Looking at the folders on the BT Cloud web site I can log in to them and there is a new folder I added a couple of weeks ago. but nothing in the past week.  I am still getting "Trying to connect to servers" on the app in the hidden icons.  I did change my password a few days ago for BT is this the problem?  I cannot see any way of changing my login details on the app as it cannot connect to a server to allow access to preferences!  Can anyone from BT tell me how to do it? 

I can easily change my BT password on the web site but how does this work with the app?



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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I`ve just brought a new windows laptop and tried to install BT cloud but it won`t load properly when I double click on the BT Cloud icon. I`ve spoken to BT and they are aware of the problem with the latest version not working on new PCs. Apparently there is nothing I can do until they release a new version.  I`s still working OK on my old laptop.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Chrisjo, it's working ok on your old Laptop because you haven't, unlike most of us, been suckered into taking the update to ver 20.6.1 ! Just keep the old laptop where it is, and fired up, until this mess is sorted. I'm very disappointed in BT. Software obviously rushed with inadequate testing, no apology or info from them that I have seen. Very unprofessional.
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Chrisjo - When you double click on the Desktop Icon, the only thing that now happens is that a small Cloud shape icon should appear in your "hidden icon" , which you have to click on to get to a Log In page that requires your User Name and Password.

Please let me know if you can achieve this, so I can assist you further.
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I still have not managed to get the icon to do anything but, at the second attempt, today's download for Windows10 works (perfectly ?) in a browser tab. And I've got my full 1,000GB back!
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I am downloading my backed up C drive as shown below and all subfolders inside this C folder downloaded are empty, there's 1000s of subfolders and there is no way I am downloading each subfolder separately it will take me years!  It's an absolute joke! 

I am trying to leave BT and I can't because I can't get my data off the cloud and don't want to lose it obviously.  This cloud system must have been developed by a bunch of teenagers, absolutely shocking.  My standard BT tariff ended months ago and i'm forced to pay £55 instead of £30 for other providers, just to add insult to injury. 

3rd world service!!!




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