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BT Cloud erroneous marks files as backed up after PC reboots whilst backing up a large list of files

When I have a large list of files being backed up by BT Cloud and my Windows PC reboots due to power or other issue, when i log back on all of the files in the back up are marked as complete even though the log clearly shows the file that wa being processed at the time of failure.

  1. How can I identify files that have not been backed up but have the green tick icon?
  2. How can I force files with the green tick icon to be backed up to BT Cloud?
  3. Why does BT Cloud not have a "pause back up" facility. Sometimes when I am backing up lots of photos it takes up all of the broadband band width and my kids complain. It would be handy to start back up just before bed and pause again in the morning.


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