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BT Cloud - failed to install both Mac and PC


    After noticing that BT Cloud was no longer backing up my PC and that there was no BT Cloud app in my systray, I tried to start the app and nothing happened.  So I uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed.  Still nothing in sys tray and nothing this time in start menu.  Although there was a binary running in task manager.  I could see no way to get BT Cloud to backup the files I needed.

So, exasperated at trying to get it working on my PC, I moved to my Mac.  The app downloaded and was moved across to Applications.  It ran the install and said it needed to go to the browser to complete config.  It then spawned dozens of browser windows - each saying I was signed in.  I left it for 20 minutes or so - by which time I'd lost count of the pages and pages of browser windows spawned, and it was still going strong.  A new browser window every second or so.

So I can't get BT Cloud to work on either machine.  Both are fully patched Windows 10 and Monterey.

Any ideas?

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