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BT Cloud has "lost" my photos backup folder

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As I am on Infinity 2, I thought that I would try and make use of the cloud storage that is on offer.   So, I set up my  Photos folder to backup to the BT cloud.   Now, its a big folder - just over 400GB - so even with Infinity 2 upload speeds, it took me about a fortnight to get everything moved across.

That was about a month ago, but I have just logged into BT Cloud now, and the Photos folder has just vanished from the list of backups.  Other folders are still there - but not Photos. ...that had just gone.

If I go to "all my Files" the photos themselves are there in the CLoud,  but I have seemed to have lost the "Back up  / Restore " capability.    

I tried re-add the Photos folder to the Backup list - but the Cloud program acted like it had never seen it before, and started uploading all of  the photos all over again.  And although I can download files individually from the Cloud, it seems to have lost the knowledge of their original folder structure  (and I have about 300K files!)

Can anyone advise if there is a way to restore the Photos folder as a recognised backup folder   - short of deleting whats there, and transferring the 400GB  up again as a new Backup process. Surely I dont have to do that - Surely !!!!!




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Re: BT Cloud has "lost" my photos backup folder

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For the sake of completeness, let me close down my own post with what seems to happen.   I eventually plucked up courage to re-select my 400GB "photos" folder for backup.  What happened the is it did indeed nominate all 300K files for up-load, and start the process. But I noticed that it seemed to be going much faster than before.  I think that it checked each file individually, but when it found the identical file already in the Cloud storage, it skipped to the next without trying to up-load it. So, the recovery of the folder structure actually only took two days of solid "uploading" - rather than the two weeks that it had taken originally.

So, at least a reasonable recovery from the problem .... but lets not lose sight of the fact that the error had happened in the first place.  I was only able to recover because I had still got the original data.  If that had gone, I would have lost all the structure from my folder, and would have had to re-build my photo archive file at a time.

I would have hoped that Cloud Storage could have kept the directory structure safe, and not just the files - so clearly not all is perfect, yet !!

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