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BT Cloud music file sharing problems

Recently decided to make use of BT Cloud to facilitate sharing some large .wav files I generated from a recording session.


Eventually worked out how to get them up onto BT Cloud, shared them in a folder and generated a link.


When attempting to download the files however, no files were available for download by anyone but myself.


After a call to BT Help I was informed that because they were music files sharing was not allowed! (I believe same applies to video files too).


There is a warning pop-up that copyright files are not sharable, but then my files were generated by me so no copyright

involved. Pain in the *ss!!!


Think I've worked around it by zipping the files and uploading them zipped (meant having to zip the files and re-uploading them). I did try just re-naming the files but they were still detected as music files and sharing blocked.


I would complain further but since I have the facility as part of my ISP package and now I have a workaround, I'll let it go but posting this as potentially useful info for others wanting to do anything similar.


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Re: BT Cloud music file sharing problems

The Terms and Conditions of BT Cloud are a bit daft in that respect.  They say "You may not use the service to share content which is copyright protected."


The thing is, if you created those recordings less than 50 years ago, they are still copyrighted - by you.  Since they are copyrighted, you can't share them.

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Re: BT Cloud music file sharing problems


Just to add my four pennies worth to this dated thread.

On the basis that nothing appears to have changed.

It's absolutely archaic and victorian in attitude to claim that self-produced music of original origin is copyrighted to the BT Cloud user and therefore cannot be shared with the very musicians that have written and recorded that music.

What a joke!

I have 1TB of BT Cloud space that is pointless if I can't share original music files that I or the musicians I work with own the rights to.

So taking that analogy, all photograghs that I have taken and may upload also cannot be shared as I own copyright to them and therefore they cannot be shared either.....because they are copyrighted.

Similarly, any written document or spreadsheet is also copyrighted to me because I produced it and therefore those  also cannot be shared, because they too are copyrighed work.

So what exactly can one share via this nanny-state service??

....and how does Google Drive, MS One Drive and even YouTube manage to overcome the shackles of this policy?? 

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