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BT Cloud, need to sign in with Primary BT ID

I have two BT accounts, say ID1 and ID2, each entitled to 200Gb of cloud storage. ID1 is the primary account. It would be good if the 2 lots of 200Gb could be amalgamated into one lot of 400Gb but apparently they currently cannot.

I have set up cloud for ID1 and filled up the 200Gb. I can see the content on my PC and on my phone. So far so good.

But for the life of me I cannot see how to access the 200Gb associated with ID2. If I try to log in I get 
"To use BT Cloud you need to log in with the Primary BT ID associated with your BT Broadband account. Error code MBB3-01"

I suspect I have missed something as I cannot be alone in wanting to use the cloud for multiple BT accounts.

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