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BT Cloud not opening files

This is very common issue. I log in to BT Cloud via My BT. Open up my list of documents and go to open one. The page pops up (white blank page) and the timer goes around but nothing happens. Can try it on any file I have.

bt cloud.JPG

Can try doing this lots of times with different files but they still won't open. Sometimes it works ok but its very random. Mostly not.

Really useless when I need to get at a password.

The files typically are notepad txt files of around 40 bytes, though other files can be pdf's or doc type files. None are really big. It doesnt make any difference.

Even trying to download the files is luck.

Finally BT Help. Where is there a section for these products where you can send a message to BT support? Nothing under the Contact Us.

I'm accessing it not through the app, just through IE. Its a windows 10 high spec gaming machine. Microsoft Edge.  46mb/s.

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