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BT Cloud not syncing & 150% CPU utilisation

Recently installed on Mac OS (Ver

Wanted to sync just 500GB (in excess of 75,000 files). 

Things started okay, and I expected the sync to run for a number of days. Problems then arose as I noticed the app was hammering my CPU, causing the cooling fan to run for several hours. 

After shutting things down - to try and help it cool down - I'm now stuck in a loop where the app will start, and the CPU is over utilised, BUT nothing is syncing.

The sync has uploaded 272GB of files,  but is now stuck. Even after running for a couple of days it is trying to upload files that are already in the cloud, rather than the remaining items.

Did speak to tech help last night, and got the usual uninstall / re-install advice. I have done this, and left running for 12+ hrs, but still nothing. 

Any ideas?!

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