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BT Cloud quarantined my Outlook.pst backup file!

Hi,  Just uploaded my important laptop files to BT Cloud.  It's very important to me to have a backup of my Outlook.pst data file with all emails, calendar details and contacts.  BT Cloud informs me it has a virus (it doesn't), has been moved to quaratine and I should run a vuirus checker (I did. It's not infected) and it should be deleted from my computer (absolutely not).

Is there anyway I can:


(a): get BT Cloud to tel me how it think's my pst file is infected (i.e. which email subject/date)

(b): enable BT Cloud to remove it from my quarantined files and put it back into my online backup?

Any other tips?


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Re: BT Cloud quarantined my Outlook.pst backup file!

No direct answers to your questions I am afraid; just some comments.  I didn't even know BT Cloud attempted virus checking.


I know that Thunderbird used to keep deleted messages around in its  .pst-like files until they were explicitly compacted; I suspect .pst files are similar.  That means that an email with a virus stays around in the file even after deletion of the email; which can cause problems with antivirus programs.  It may be that the .pst file uploaded to the Cloud had a virus, but the message had been cleaned from your local copy before you checked.  Or it may be that BT Cloud detected a (mild?) virus your local checker missed.


Files such as .pst files that contain lots of 'subfiles' within them can be awkward to back up.  They are often very large, and every operation on them causes a change.  I am not sure BT Cloud does any form of delta backup on them; which would mean it is transferring the entire file for every backup.  If you are using autobackup it will really hammer your upload.  I'm not sure what it does about locking the file during upload either.


Which email provider are you using and how are you syncing with Outlook?  If you use IMAP or the Microsoft Exchange proprietry equivalents you will still have a complete replica copy on your server, which makes another online backup much less important; still well worth having a local backup though.

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Re: BT Cloud quarantined my Outlook.pst backup file!

I have the same problem. I am using BT for my email.  I received a message about files larger than 1GB and special action required, but can't find the information from the link.  My pst file is over 1GB.  Also can't find back up frequency for files.  Files that are in back up that I know have changed have not been updated since 29/4.

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Re: BT Cloud quarantined my Outlook.pst backup file!

I have a similar issue in that cloud has quarantined my Anti virus install program - I guess because the package includes a signature file ... there does not weem to be an option to say "its not a virus"

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Re: BT Cloud quarantined my Outlook.pst backup file!

Just to keep this one alive. I have the same problem with outlook.pst being renamed and replaced by BT Cloud, claiming that the file is contaminated, even though BT Netprotect never found it.


As far as I can see, BT Cloud offers the user no control over this aspect. If BT Cloud has detected something, it might at least advise the user what it has found and some clue as to how to remove the offending email(s).


No one has mentiioned a work-around. This is how I reclaimed my .pst file:


Search your main drive for '.pst' - you should find outlook.pst of zero bytes and your original file, renamed as outlook.conflict1.pst (or something very similar), in my case, file size was 860mb.


Delete outlook.pst and rename outlook.conflict1.pst to outlook.pst and restart outlook.


This still leaves the problem of another quarantine action by BT Cloud at the next sync. 


How about an official response to this issue - in my case, it looks like I'll have to stop using BT Cloud


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