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BT Cloud query

I'm trying to work out how to manually back up files to BT Cloud - and not getting very far...!


Accordng to, going to the 'backup' tab on BT Cloud should give me an option to add files to back up- and if I click 'add backup' and attempt to add the 'BT Cloud' folder (in my case, C:\Users\James\BT Cloud), I get a message stating that 'this is a protected path and cannot be backed up by BT Cloud'.


I'm not at all sure whether this is because this folder actually consists of items that are being automatically being backed up or whether there's another reason for this message' - and to be honest I'm finding the system a little confusing and I'm not sure whether anything has actually been backed up!


I've spotted that C:\Users\James\BT Cloud is the 'BT Cloud Sync folder' but am unsure of whether the 'sync' has actually taken place...


Any advice much appreciated...! 



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Re: BT Cloud query

@JH7188 The BT Cloud folder can't be added to a manual back up as it's used by cloud service to auto back up. You'll need to create another folder and add the files to it that you want to manually back up, then follow the same process that you have tried already but select the folder you've created.


You can manually add files to the BT Cloud by following the process in this link



If you need any further help the cloud helpdesk on 0800 500 3114 can talk you through this.

Community ModeratorNeilO
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