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BT Cloud versus Dropbox

Dropbox have just announced an exorbitant price hike and it's making me think about using BT Cloud instead of Dropbox Plus.

I use Dropbox mainly as an archive for stuff on my Windows laptop (mainly docs and photos).

All the work on my laptop syncs with Dropbox as it changes. Very little though is on my laptop's relatively small hard drive, most is on Dropbox. That said, I only use about 10% of the 1TB storage I have with Dropbox.

I don't do anything collaborative on Dropbox, though occasionally I share folders (nearly always on a read-only basis).

I have had a quick glance at the BT Cloud Customer guide - but really looking for someone who has good working knowledge of both BT Cloud and Dropbox to help advise on the following:  

My questions are:

1. What is BT Cloud *unable* to do that I *can* do in Dropbox? i.e. is it worth migrating or should I stick with Dropbox? I appreciate there will be a cost saving of moving to BT but at the expense of what functionality (if any)?

2. If I migrate, what is the easiest way to get all my stuff off Dropbox and into BT Cloud?

3. Is it possible to run BT Cloud and Dropbox simultaneously? Anything to be aware of?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: BT Cloud versus Dropbox

Perhaps the lack of replies tells me all I need to know?

Surprised that no-one - not even BT staff on this forum - are extolling the virtues of BT CloudI.

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Re: BT Cloud versus Dropbox

Not surprised. It's terrible really.

Had a free weekend so Saturday i backed everything up and installed BT Cloud (BTC).

Early tests showed it was very similar to OneDrive (OD) which i am already using.

Let it upload my data for 20 hours until this morning (23 Gb on 3.4 Mbps upload)

Bit more testing shows that BTC only syncs your files one way from the PC to the cloud. With OD it's a proper two way sync so with BTC when you delete a file on your PC, it leaves a copy on the cloud. After a while you will have tons of redundant files on your cloud. OD doesn't do this - it goes into deleted items, so it is recoverable.

BTC is also very slow to react to file changes and the PC software shows a list of file changes but often doesn't update, so you don't know if a new file has been uploaded or not.

Finally, and this was the biggest irritation. We have two iPhones and an iPad. I set them to upload their photos albums to BTC. All worked ok. But when i activated the function to backup our Contacts, it amalgamated the contacts from all three devices and then sync'd them back!! So my iPhone has a mixture of my contacts, my wife's contacts and contacts from the iPad.  The iPad was the same and i'll see whats happened to my wife's iPhone when she gets in.... This alone totally destroyed my confidence in the service went back to OD.

It's a shame as OD gives you 5 Gb free and then 100 Gb for £1.99 per month. BT gives me 1 Tb for no extra in my contract. Anyway with the data volume i have (23 Gb), 100 Gb is plenty for now. 

Sorry it's not a comparison with DropBox but if others have had the same experience i did i can see why there are no glowing reviews or comments.

Couple of extra bonus problems. When logged in via a web browser you can open Excel files in Excel and PDFs in a PDF reader but for some reason it tried to open Word files in PDF reader and then fails... Also sometimes when you log in it states you can't do this from the top level account (or simalar message) but hit F5 (Refresh) and you are in!!!



EDIT: It's not got any better over the last two and half years either!!  -See

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