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BT Cloud

I am using BT Cloud from my windows laptop. All has been fine with instant syncing using the BT Cloud app. However, recently the app has not been loading up at start up. I have had to reload the app several times before it started showing the dashboard. Then it automatically started to download the entire BT Cloud files that were synced with my laptop (10Gb), but to a new folder. This meant I was unsure whether any of the files I had been working on were uploaded as part of the sync so I had to go through the whole file system checking which were correct. I am still having the same issue of BT Cloud app stopping and when I then sign back in the app downloads the entire sync files but now also uploads any new files on my laptop. Given that I use the data allowance on my phone and the time it takes to download 10Gb, sometimes twice a day, this is causing me huge inconvenience and waste of data allowance. Clues anyone?

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