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BT FON x 2

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I've recently opted in to BT WIFI. The hub (v3) has been updated and on the "Choose a network" settings on the IPAD it shows the hub wifi network and also shows two others.
BT WIFI and BTWIFI-WITH-FON. Both show a full strength signal and I don't think it is a neighbours wifi network as the nearest is about 100m away. I can log on to each wifi network.

Are these two seperate BTWIFI networks or just one with two different names.


Does this mean I have two seperate BT WIFI networks on my hub, giving 3 WIFI networks in total with the main hub one.
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Re: BT FON x 2

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They are coming from your hub - both used to be called BTOpenzone and BTFon - they are basically the same when coming from the homehub - yes there are now technically 3 wifi connections from your hub.

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Re: BT FON x 2

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There have always been two extra SSIDs but, on my hub at least, they don't always both show at the same time or they may have different signal strengths. I assume that separate connections are necessary for non-BT Broadband customers, who can obtain access either by subscription to BT Wi-Fi or by joining the Fon network. A BT BB customer can connect to either.

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