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BT Iphone & MMS

When I first got an iPhone 4s on BT I used this this link to change the settings for MMS / internet. It was all fine for a while but for some reason now I can still access the web but MMS messages fail. I suspect it stopped working around the time I upgraded to IOS6 but I can't be sure. I've tried the settings a load of times and also restored the phone to factory and entered the settings without restoring from backup but no with luck.


Any ideas?

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Re: BT Iphone & MMS

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Take the SIM card out of the phone for at least an hour as the SIM can accumulate some cache from previous useage which might promote a conflict, in your case between two handsets. Before you take the SIM out, wipe all the settings in question from the device. Once re-installed into the device, input the settings again.


If you're sure your settings are correct, contact BT mobile and ask them if your account is [still] provisioned for MMS.


While you are onto BT mobile, ask them to confirm the [current] MMS settings for your SIM card and any extra's for the i phone you might need to know about.


Last stop then IMHO is to ask for a replacement SIM card because you think on the basis of the tried and failed above, that the SIM has become faulty.


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