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BT Mobile App not working.

I am making another attempt to try and get this resolved - When I had my space upgraded to 200Gb, I ditched my previous paid cloud service, which was around the time that the Android BT Cloud was upgraded to a pretty much unusable state. 


I have about 33Gb of files on the cloud, which are mostly unavailable - Accessing All-Files will sometimes bring what it should, i.e. two folders - One leading to all the file which are uploaded to the cloud from my computer, and the other all the other files I have backed ujp from my computer...


... sometimes it just gives me the red moving circle, indicating that it is busy. Sometimes both of those folders come up (Sometimes just the one) and clicking on them results on the red moving circle again, indefinitely... and then sometimes it will display a random assortment of the folders and files that should be there. It is frankly useless, and has been for a while..


... and yes I have uninstalled, reinstalled, turned it off and on again. The only thing it does reliably is upload photos I have taken, but as a means to access files remotely, it is useless. The only consistancy seems to be that they don't work on two different devices, and two versions of Android - Alcatel Pop 4 (TCL 5051X) Phone running 6.0, and Acer B3-A40 Tablet running 7.0.




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