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BT Protect Blocking A Website

Hi all,

I am helping a friend rebuild his website. It was blocked by BT protect while it was hosted by Vista Print. I took a look through the Vista print website code. I noticed there was a redirect from https to HTTP. I know this can cause a problem with website certificates. Long story short we have moved the domain to a new hosting company. We only moved the domain. 

The new hosting has a fresh install of WordPress. Tech support at the hosting company has tested the site for any security issues and have ensured the SSL has been installed correctly. 

The website is visible on most ISPs. BT protect blocks it. I could remove BT protect so that I can see the site. That doesn't help, he needs customers from all ISPs to be able to view his site. I guess most BT customers have BT protect enabled. 

I have tried to get help via BT support. I guess the question is a top tier question. I called BT support earlier today. I got a helpful guy on the phone. But the question was above his pay grade. He asked his manager who said they could only help if I was a BT business client. However, the helpful guy understood I am not asking for help building the site. That I need to get the domain unblocked from BT protect. He arranged for me to get a callback today between 12- 2. I am still waiting for the call it's now 3:15. 

I don't understand why I even need to be a BT customer to fix this. (I am a BT customer) It would be a similar scenario if I was calling a BT phone number from Virgin and BT was blocking calls from Virgin. 

Is there any way to submit the domain for BT protect to confirm it is safe?

This is the message 

"Warning: you could be getting scammed! Suspected unsafe site: This website could be trying to steal your information, install a virus or gain access to your device. What to do next We recommend you don't visit the website. If you've been directed to this page by an unexpected caller, it is almost certainly a scam. Please hang up and report the call on"


Thanks for your answers in advance

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Re: BT Protect Blocking A Website

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