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BT Smart Talk Ending

Having had problems with this service from when it first started (only when trying to add/remove/change devices - the service itself has been a very cost effective solution for keeping in touch with the family) I will miss it when it goes.

I was trying to "unblock" a number (from a previous problem) - Using the "My BT" doesn't show the users unless you view the "page source" (JAVA script error?) and yes I have tried Windows + Linux PCs with Firefox + Chrome.  BT Call-handlers tried very hard to be helpful, but obviously Smart Talk is something they hadn't had experience with. When I was told they had heard that the service may be discontinued I asked "When?" - reply "I'll have to ask please hold". At this point I searched the Forum for  "Smart Talk discontinue" and found posts by "xmarksthespot" and "@rld" - thanks to them. - the call handler came back to me and had found the same posts! (By the way - thanks for being able to speak to someone in a call centre who'se accent is understandable - I like that North Irish accent)

Why can't BT update it's staff at all the call centres that BT Smart Talk is being discontinued in December? - this would save their time and us the users time.

I gave up trying to have the number un-blocked. If you use an older version of the smart talk app, then you can have a different SIM card in to the number the device is registered to (and use a wi-fi only tablet). This got round the problem.

I await the official announcement on end of service (30 days minimum notice probably). 

I recently re-newed my BT broadband for 18 months - Smart talk was the main reason for not swapping to another provider!   Now price increases from next week (probably to pay for the Sports channel which I will not use)

Hope this may help some other user + BT staff.


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Re: BT Smart Talk Ending

Is there any other broadband provider offering something similar to smarttalk

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Re: BT Smart Talk Ending

 I would happily change also,the gave me for life and then ,ihad to pay even to retain my e mails so smart talk kept me with them, but premium charges ,deminishing advantages. EU roaming charges ?

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