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BT Smart Talk Issue



I have configured one of my iPhones to BT Smarttalk, but would like to setup my girlfriends i phone to smarttalk. I have created a separate log on for her, and she can see our bills etc via "My BT" but the phone is refusing to complete the setup. It goes to the final stage then fails.


I have checked the troubleshooting and there are no issues on the account. Now I tried online chat but they could not help me because the account is not registered to a BTYahoo account it is a account that i have set up my bt too. And refused to help, and pointed my to "BT Tech Expert" team, but that's not included in my package and don't wish to pay additional costs. Smarttalk does not specify a "BT Yahoo" account is required, and my account worked fine.


Assistance would be very much appreciated.




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Re: BT Smart Talk Issue

if you have signed up for smarttalk you must be a BT customer for phone and have registered on and have a MYBT account.  did you create a new MYBT account for your girlfried associated with your BT home phone number?

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Re: BT Smart Talk Issue

The BT Yahoo! stuff sounds like a red herring to me. Try the dedicated SmartTalk helpline - 0800 032 2111, enter phone number, then option 4, then option 1. Early reports about their effectiveness vary - I found them extremely helpful, others were not so happy. If you don't get it solved come back here with more detail of what is happening and you should get some useful advice.

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