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Re: BT TV App Everywhere

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Hi @Martin--W


Thanks for getting in touch and noted your comments. Much appreciated.

Can you just clarify, am I right in saying under App (Menu) TV Channels

“Watch BT Channels” this is my subscribed channels but in SD?

When I refer to “Full TV Listings” all channels are showing, but its only

the SD channel numbers that highlighted watch live. If I select a HD channel

number it highlights not watch but record. So is that correct or should be able

to watch if I’m subscribed to HD channels. Await your further feedback. Thks Al

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: BT TV App Everywhere

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Yes, you are correct. But this then links in with my previous response regarding the variable bandwidth and the picture displayed will be as good as your connection allows - and of course may change as you watch if you went from wifi to 4g to 3g etc.


Kind regards, 


BT TV expertMartin
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