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BT TV App - Unable to sign in - AJ900


I'm unable to sign into the "On Demand" section of the BT TV app. I appear to be logged into the app itself OK and can send recordings to my box.

I receive the error "We can't log you in. Please check your account details and try again. If that doesn't work, please go to for more help. (AJ900)"

I went to the help section and followed the guidance for being unable to log in to the BT TV app. confirmed i can log into my BT account online with the same username and password. Set as account owner and TV linked.

I also googled the error. One forum post suggested the case of the username may be incorrect as it's case sensitive but i have corrected this also.

I've tried live chat but also not much luck there.

It seems very strange i can log into everything else with my username and password.... so we know this is correct. Anyone else have the same issue?




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