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BT TV - Get your act together and start informing your users

BT TV APP streaming issue...




So I have spent another 20 minutes of my life speaking to BT support, trying to get information about their service, which really should be reported here my BT themselves.

1. So, the issue of Streaming being lost in the BT TV APP for some channels or programmes is, according to BT support a Technical issue, introduced in the last APP update.

2. BT are aware of the issue, and are working to fix it, no timescale for the fix was given.

BT... you really need to start informing users via this website of KNOWN issues, the people on this thread have invested time in trying to resolve a problem that is know to BT.

If a bug is introduced, JUST SAY... let us know that it is being worked on, and if I timescale is not available, just keep up updated on a regular basis!

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Re: BT TV - Get your act together and start informing your users

A 'Status' page is a good idea @4KTVFan however that would only work if BT carry out full testing before releasing updates, have a system in place that enables users to report bugs, and even then they would need to investigate, react and report within a reasonable time frame.

As the My BT app is still showing all of my devices as being connected to 2.4 GHz some weeks after it was raised, I'm not sure that they can, or want to do the above.

Having said that, I have to say that BT's apps work very well in my opinion, certainly for what I use them for.

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Re: BT TV - Get your act together and start informing your users


YES!, YES!, YES!.....

I totally agree, if I had a way to simply log an issue via this website, or another BT site, it would both help me, because I feel I have a quick and easy way to provide BT with feedback, but also, help BT!

I know BT have many trials going on to test their products, but I do wonder sometimes what worth these trials have, as so many issues seem to make it through to the main user base!

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Re: BT TV - Get your act together and start informing your users

Hi @4KTVFan   There is already a place to log an issue with BT Apps and most of them get a response from the App Developer Team. Go back to the App Store and leave a review or your feedback or use the Feedback link within the App. Unfortunately, it demonstrates why an issue log website would not work. The majority of reviewers use the site to have a moan about BT in general and not any constructive comments about issues with the Apps. 

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