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BT Virus Protect Install Problems

I had to do a system recovery and reinstall Windows 10. Once that was completed I needed to reinstall BT Virus Protect which was previously on the laptop. I login to BT account and select to download it. It starts download process and I then click to run it and it comes up with a message stating to restart so it can complete uninstalling current McAfee software. I restart the laptop but nothing happens so I try to download again and the same thing happens. Tried this lots of times now. Also went into add/remove programs but there is no McAfee there to uninstall. I also used the McAfee removal tool and still the same problem. 

Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this.

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Re: BT Virus Protect Install Problems

Was it a complete fresh new install of Windows 10 or just a refresh. If it was a refresh back to "factory install" there may be some residual McAfee files left on your system such as any "free" package that came with the laptop when it was new although I would have thought that the McAfee removal tool should have removed them

My advice and that of others on the forum would be not to install BTVirus Protect/McAfee. It can cause problems on some computers. Do a search of the forum to see the problems. There are far better free antivirus programs available such as Avast Free and AVG Free and even Microsofts own Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10 is in my opinion better.

If you do want to try installing BTVirus Protect you could try starting W10 in safe mode with networking. Run the McAfee removal tool again and restart the laptop in Safe Mode with Networking and retry installing BTVirusProtect.

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