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BT Virus Protect - Mcafee


The BT Virus Protect was recently updated and the version is running on a macbook pro with OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan. Since the update the computer has been very slow, memory usage is higher than normal and web pages are slower to load so I want to uninstall BT Virus Protect to see/confirm if it is causing the problem. Clicking on the Mcafee Uninstaller icon I get this error message.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 14.43.18.png

Which is really useful as my MBP is an old model which can't be updated to OSX 10.12. So how do I uninstall the BT Virus Protect?

I've tried the Support link which takes me to the BT help pages which only suggests running the Mcafee Uninstaller.





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Re: BT Virus Protect - Mcafee

I have managed to uninstalled it and confirmed it wasn't causing the problem. When I try and reinstall the software it says I have an unsupported operating system and must have OSX 10.8 or above. I have OSX 10.11.

So after three tries at Live Chat, one phone call where I was pushed from pillar to post I was finally told the BT Virus Protect requires  MAC OSX10.12 which contradicts the compatible operating systems listed on the web page.

Compatible operating systems

  • Windows XP (32-bit only) with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or higher
  • Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit) with Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or higher

Not sure if I've been fobbed off.

I know there are other AV products but was quite happy with BT Virus Protect and would like still like to download it. Which is correct the above list of the advisor on the phone call?



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