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BT Virus Protect - New Version

A new version of BT Virus Protect is being rolled out.

It arrived on my Desktop and Laptop yesterday (27/9/18)

It works perfectly on the Laptop.  All previous features are there but the navigation is different but appears corrupt on the Desktop where navigation is virtually frozen.

McAfee Virtual Technician says it cannot find the product on the Desktop and gives reason why but the problem is not resolved by using "Fix"

I have, with excellent help from the UK Team which was unsuccessful and later from the Team in India which was again not successful, uninstalled the software on my desktop, run the special programm to remove all traces and then reinstalled once again via MyBT - done in total five time now with no success.

The problem has been escalated to the McAfee team and I await their help.

I have listed my issues because I am sure I am not alone with this one.  The automatic update to the new BT Virus Protect Software worked on one platform and not on the other.  The Product allows me two free downloads - one for each platform.  I would understand from my conversation with the Team that I am not alone with this and so, if it is happening to you, and uninstall and reinstall fails then see if advice follows here and if not then contact the Help Team.

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Re: BT Virus Protect - New Version


Problem located as being associated with the User settings on my Desktop

There are two Users who can login on my Desktop. 

The User which is normally logged in does not allow the new version BT Virus protect to work although it let the previous version work.

The second User which is rarely logged in runs the new version of BT Virus Protect happily.

The issue has been noted by BT and being forwarded to McAfee for their attention to possibly resolve so that BT Virus Protect works whoever is logged in.

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