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BT Virus Protect - installed but where is it?

I downloaded BT Virus Protect and after having to update Windows I was able to install it. At the end it said to restart which I did but there is no icon on the desktop to represent it. Where is it?

If I go to start and computer and program files I can find a McAfee folder and contents which is dated today, so something's installed.

When I log on to My BT and click on extras it says Virus Protect is active; however, when I click on the manage button it says "Licenses: 0 of 2 in use".

Can someone shed some light on this for me please? I've tried shutting down and restarting again. Thanks to having to do a ton of Windows' updates before this would download it's taken all day to get this far and I'm now losing the will to live...

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Re: BT Virus Protect - installed but where is it?

Go into start and computer and program files and locate the McAfee folder again and open it. Is there an icon there? If there is  click on it and drag it onto your desktop and it will create an shortcut icon on the desktop.

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Re: BT Virus Protect - installed but where is it?

If I open up the McAfee folder it leads to eight other folders, which when opened have a load of files inside. But it's not clear what's what.

If I click on "start" nothing shows for Virus Protect or McAfee in the pop-up list.

There's no folder under "all programs" either. Only when I click through computer>drive>program files.

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Re: BT Virus Protect - installed but where is it?

When you open the folders look for one that ends in .exe. That should be the file that starts McAfee running.

However my advice and that of others on the forum would be to uninstall BTVirus Protect. It can cause problems on some computers and is a resource hog. Do a search of the forum to see the problems. There are far better free antivirus programs available such as Avast Free and AVG Free.

If you do want to uninstall BTVirusProtect use this guide and make sure you use the BTVirus Protect/McAfee removal tool after you have restarted your computer.

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