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BT Virus Protect sanitising email attachments and deleting content

Since installing the Norton BT Virus Protect a few months ago, I have had ongoing problems with email attachments.  Whenever I try to download any attachment that isn't in pdf format I get a message saying that the document has been 'sanitised' and script removed.  The message says that I can restore the original format but, when I do so, it simply leads into a loop where the document is 'sanitised' again and I can never get to the content to save or print it.  It is particularly annoying because it affects attachments such as insurance policy documents, quotations etc. that I really need to have access to.  I am at the point of removing Virus Protect because it is such a nuisance.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  However can I stop it as there doesn't appear to be any way I can get into the system to change any rogue settings?  I am using Windows 10.

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