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BT WiFi / BT Fon signals dropping out, while "normal" signal is steady

Prepare for non-techy (i.e. ignorant) language...

Using a WiFi analyser, I've noticed that my "normal" WiFi signal is nice and strong, on channel 6. By "normal", I mean the standard SSID I connect to.

But... The BT Fon and BT WiFi signals on the same channel have the same decent strength - except they both drop to zero periodically.

This happens about once a minute or so, and they stay at zero for 10 - 15 seconds before reappearing.

Does anyone know what's happening? I could of course just ignore it, since my own signal is steady - but the little voice in my head won't let it rest until I know what's going on (and confirm it's not a problem that's going to spread to my own connection!).

Thanks in advance.

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