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BT WiFi - Questions & Concerns



Recently, I moved house and I'm currently waiting for the package I already had to be delivered and accessible at my new place, which will be in January; however I have been using the BT WiFi service to get onto the internet (using it as we speak), as there is no connectivity with my current HomeHub.


I had to call BT's customer service and ask what my account name / password was for BT WiFi, as my ordinary details didn't seem to work -- I was given a very strange username and password, and whenever I've checked the account, it says that I'm currently on the 4,000 minutes for 30-day limit, and I was wondering - if after I've used up all the minutes, as I have already chewed up 30 hours, due to running an online business that requires me to be online and communicate with associates almost all of the time, if the minutes reset and starts another 30-day, or if I have to purchase another 4,000 minutes.


However, I was more wondering whether that the account I am currently using (randomly generated username & password) is just meant for temporary use, and that I would need to login with an account for infinite minutes? If, from what I have read, "Unlimited WiFi out and about" means infinite time connected to a hotspot.


I'd like to hear a response soon, so that I can determine how I'm going to go about things over upcoming weeks.


Kind Regards, Zealon.

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Re: BT WiFi - Questions & Concerns

It sounds as though you've been given a 30-day BT WiFi pass (usually costs a hefty £39), which BT sometimes do to give broadband access to customers waiting for their normal service to be resumed. You'll need to contact BT about renewal, but you won't get much sympathy if you tell them you've used up your pass for your business as that's against the domestic Terms & Conditions.

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Re: BT WiFi - Questions & Concerns


I suspect that as your BB has not been activated yet that you have not been issued with a email address. So PPs suggestion of a temp one is correct

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Re: BT WiFi - Questions & Concerns

It's mostly for keeping in touch with those who I need constant communication with, as well as spending time with those of whom I desire to talk to, such as friends and guild members on MMORPGs I play.

However keeping in touch, especially over Facebook & Skype with associates is more important than anything.

I'll have to have a work with BT after it's expired, hopefully they can arrange something.



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