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BT Wifi stuck on in Smarthub

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I am having a problem with BT Wifi, I can opt out and the webpage shows me as opted out but it is still active on my hub.


I am using the smarthub i.e hub 6.  I tried chat but the Indian gent who helped me just had me going to the webpage and when he saw it was opted out decided the hub was showing my local wifi and not BT Wifi even though I told him where and how it was listed in the status and that it still showed up as active when I turned wifi off.

He also decided the networks (BTFon/BT wifi) my devices were picking up were neighbours ones and not from my hub.


It is showing on the smarthub status page at the bottom under BT Wi-fi status: Active with a link saying click here to go to the BT Wifi page.


I've tried opting in and leaving it for a few days before opting back out and again waiting for a few days without turning off my hub numerous times now.

My previous hub 4 and modem had no problems opting out.

Please help

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Re: BT Wifi stuck on in Smarthub

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Hi @ross2,


When you opt out of BT Wifi it can take up to 28 days for the request to reach the Hub. As you have opt out, leave it as it is and the Hub should stop broadcasting the BT Wifi within the next 28 days. Don't opt back in as this can delay the process.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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