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BT cloud auto uploads

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I have just started using bt cloud, I have it on a Windows 10 PC, an android tablet and an iphone.
The bt cloud apps on the tablet and the iphone seem to give you total control over which files and folders you either want to just backup or sync.
On windows I want to backup Documents and Itunes music, it does this very well but it also uploads photos automatically which I do not want and I cannot find any way to prevent this happening.
Furthermore documents and music appear in their original folders but photos appear en-masse minus any folders, it's just a nightmare.
Is it possible to prevent this auto upload of all photos ?

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Re: BT cloud auto uploads

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Hi GrahamI,

I agree that the display of photos on the BTCloud PC application is a complete mess and it doesn't help that it creates its own albums, based on assumptions about metadata, which have no relation to your original folder structure.


However, instead of viewing the "photos" section of the app, select "All my files" from the top menu and then drill down through User, Documents etc. and you will find the "My Pictures" or "Pictures" folder with the same internal folder structure as you have on the PC. 


You can also stop your photos from being backed up to BTCloud by selecting the folders under My Documents individually and excluding the "My Photos" folder.


I don't know of any way to exclude a sub-folder from a folder that has been added to the backup.


Hope that helps.


Why BT, or anyone else for that matter, think they can rearrange photos in a better structure than you already have is arrogance taken to a completely new level and is indeed something to complain about.

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Re: BT cloud auto uploads

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Thanks for your reply. Before I read your post I had already deleted all my content on bt cloud and uninstalled the app.
I then read your post, reinstalled the app and made sure I only selected my documents for backup,
I then checked bt cloud and found all my document folders (42 all told) so far so good.
I then checked for photos and found a few, but also hundreds of pictures (not photos) made up mainly of jpg and png files also scanned documents and icon files.
It would seem that although no actual photo folders were actively selected for backup, the program automatically searches the selected folders for jpg and png files and displays them under the photo section.
So although the problem is not solved at least I now understand the process,
Thanks again for your help.

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