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BT cloud ,does it ever work right?

This is the final straw , after repeatedly sending me to the wrong website (which you cannot log into) my bt desktop app has now decided to start lying about how much I have stored . It constantly tells me I have used my 200 gb allowance and if i'm correct it stops uploading anything even tho I only have at maximum 80gb uploaded on there .

Spent most of last night deleting stuff to make sure and it still tells me I have used 200 gb , so annoying!

i've emptied deleted items, makes no difference, still tells me 200 gb have been used .

Nothing but grief from this bt cloud and it's app , it constantly does something to either stop me accesing my data or finds some way to mess things up, for instnce just tried to log in and it says "you cannot access this site" before it logs me in anyway!

Still, it's mildly better than the last version which decided to stop working at all !.

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