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BT hotspot WIFI

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I fequently go to a caravan in Wales (Many will tell me thats my first error) I am able to connect to a weak signal with my Lenovo lap top and can use it for browsing internet, however neither my iphone or ipad can pick up the hotspot connection.  My iphone and ipad will connect to stronger signals in town.  I take it their wifi antenna isnt as good as the lap top. 

Is there a way of boosting the BT hotspot signal so the ipad and iphone can pick it up? 

Can I use the connection on my lap top to work on my iphone?

Is there a way of requesting a better signal from the BT hotspot?

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Re: BT hotspot WIFI

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You can not boost the BTWifi siganl nor can you request a better signal. The signal is provided by a BT customers Homehub and it has a limited range.

If you are using a Windows laptop you can turn it into a wifi hotsot and connect your devices through that.

See link

Another method which I use is a small program called Virtual Router Manager and I find it works very well.

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