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BT wi-fi hotspot

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I recently moved house and still waiting for BT to be connected at my new address. In the meantime I am using the wi-fi hotspot but it's not very stable and seems to just vanish from my wi fi list. Why is this? where is it broadcasting from? How can

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Re: BT wi-fi hotspot

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The most likely source is a neighbours hub.  The instability may be down to it being close to the extreme range of the signal.  They may have something in the house causing interference.  If it vanishes all together they may even have switched off the hub.  Yes, it's hard to believe but lots of people turn off their routers.  I know several.

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Re: BT wi-fi hotspot

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Liam said "Yes, it's hard to believe but lots of people turn off their routers.  I know several."

I'm another one, Liam. Last month I noticed my bandwidth usage going through the roof. I knew I was approaching my limit, so was avoiding online videos and other bandwidth guzzlers, but still the usage monitor was going up by about 2GB every day.

I'm in a block of flats and can only assume a neighbour was hacking my router.

I don't use wireless, but hadn't known how to disable it. I soon found out how once I realised what was happening, but not before this bandwidth thief had cost me around £15 in additional charges for September.

Even without this though, I always switch everything off at night, and always have. It just seems to make sense to me not to waste power when I'm not using something. Perhaps the saving in electricity is minimal (or perhaps not), but it gives transformers and other components a chance to cool down.

Am I wrong?
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