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BTCloud drag n drop

Why have BT made this so awkward??


I do not want to use my storage as a backup for when something changes on my local poot. I want to use is simply as storage to save what I want save, where I want save it and when. Why is there no capability to simply drag and drop files\folders into whichever folder I choose. Also, why must everything be added to the sync folder, as I already said, I don't want to sync.


As with the BT Vision upgrade (written with tongue in cheek), they have made this so damned awkward. Why do your script kiddies try to come up with new and exciting ways to do things when there was absolutley nothing wrong with the old fashioned way?


Come on BT, at least give those of us that don't need our hands held a simple explorer type window where we can dump things where we want them.


As someone who has been using\building\programming computers since the dark ages (i.e BPC [Before PC]), your interface is (as has been stated in many other posts) is...


i) ugly

ii) completely counter intuitive

iii) ugly

iv) dysfunctional


and finally


v) ugly


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