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Bt Cloud cannot read files

I have downloaded BT Cloud on my PC and Android Phone. I do not want to back up anything but rather transfer files and Docs so I can read/edit when away from my PC. I have transfer/uploaded folder to The Cloud, however when trying to open an Excel file I am told that "Your device (Android phone) cannot open this type of file. Please install an app that can view this file" . I have downloaded the Excel app but continue to get the same message.

When trying to drag and drop files from my PC to the Cloud I get the message that MS Edge does not support that function, use browse to find the folder. 

Any advice on this?


Tom G

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Re: Bt Cloud cannot read files

Hi Tom,


Opening Excel Files

I havent used the Excel app on my Android phone, but do find that most documents on BT Cloud open fine with 'Sheets' (the spreadsheet app from Google). I have noticed that BT Cloud doesn't open some .xls files on my android phone - seems to mainly be excel documents that have been created on my Mac. for these ones, I can download them from BT Cloud and then they do open manually from my android file system.



Microsoft Edge doesn't seem to support 'drag and drop' of files. My advise would to not use Microsoft Edge at all, but if you do want to use it there is a 'browse' button at the top of the 'Upload' webpage, and clicking that opens a file dialog box where you can select files for upload. Mozilla Firefox seems to work best with BT Cloud - you can drag multiple folders into the BT Cloud upload window, and it uploads them all. Installing the BT Cloud software will give an even better experiance - once it's installed you can just right click on files / filders, choose 'Send to', then 'BT Cloud'.



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