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Bt WiFi instant purchase

Hi all, please help! I have just signed up to bt home phone and broadband but whilst waiting for this to be connected on the 14th of Jan , I have managed to purchase 30 days of instant access to bt WiFi through the hotspot. This has cost me 39 pounds which is a lot of money to me being a single mum. 

I gained the access after filling in an online form and making the payment and I’m quite sure I didn’t even use a bt email address to sign up ... but now it’s logged me out within 10 minutes of me making the purchase. When I try log on it asks for username ( which apparently can be the email address used )  and password. When I type in what I recall them to be it says it’s wrong. I’ve tried all email addresses that I own and again it says “ we don’t recognize these details” can anyone please offer a solution or a way for me to get help without going around in circles.  It’s really putting me off bt as when I tried to call their helpline I couldn’t get through i was waiting over 45 mins and hung up in the end. Any help offered is much appreciated. 

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Re: Bt WiFi instant purchase

You do not need a BT email address to use the paid for BTWifi network.

The email address that you used to purchase the access is your username. You would have chosen and confirmed your password at the time of purchase and you would have been given the option to enter a mobile phone number in the event that you need to reset your password.

If you see a reference to your BTID , that is referring to your username.

Are using the BTWifi app or are you trying to log on using a browser?

The BTWifi help pages are here

Get wireless Internet | Find wi-fi hotspots | BT Wi-Fi

If you can still not get logged on unfortunately there is no other option than to call the BTWifi help line 0800.022.3322

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