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I was getting good signals on my laptop for bt hotspot wifi where I live.. recently out of all of a sudden zero signals.

so i went to the other side of the appartment, i.e facing the road (we live on the backside) and I could get good signals on my smartphone. back in our appartment even my smartphone is not able to get good signals.


what can i do to get good signals on my laptop? i know there are wifi adapters, which one would you recommend or anything else I can try? 



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Re: BtWifi-with-fon

BTWifi hotspots are generally supplied by BT customers. They have no obligation to supply the hotspot and many people opt out which stops the BTWifi signal.

What may have happened in this case is there are also occasions when the Homehub that is transmitting the BTWifi signal stops transmitting it and the Homehub needs restarted. This can only be done by the owner of the Homehub. BT can not restart the Homehub remotely just in order to restart the BTWifi signal.

If you know the owner of the hotspot you could ask them to restart the Homehub.

It is probably the case that you are getting the BTWifi signal at the road side of your house from one hotspot and the one  from another hotspot. 

There is no way to boost the BTWifi signal but you may be able to get a high gain wireless dongle with an aerial that you could use on your laptop inplace of its onboard wireless adaptor but there is no guarantee that it would work.