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Can not connect using BT WiFi app

I have just been connected to BT broadband.

I have dowloaded the BT WiFi app on an iPad and Touch. I get the same error message on both when I go through the set up process. After entering my username and password it says:


Sorry, there has been a problem logging you in, we"ll try again next time you start the app.


Just to check I have entered the correct details, I have tried entering incorrect details to see if I get the same message, but you get a different message saying that you have entered your username or password incorrectly. 


My BT username is a gmail account rather than a bt email address. I havent been give one as part of the set up process. THe Username work fine for accessing the 'MyBT' online.


All of the help pages talk about using a BT email address, but I don't have one and the app does have the facility to enter 'other' for non BT email addresses


Any ideas???

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Can not connect using BT WiFi app

When you signed up to bt broadband you will get a email address and you can only sign in with that address. Probably on the letter you got from bt confiming order

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Re: Can not connect using BT WiFi app

You can choose whatever user name you like to register for MyBT, but it won't work with BT Wi-Fi unless it's your primary email address. As imj says, that's the one you get when you sign up to BT broadband and which you need to sign in to BT Yahoo!

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Re: Can not connect using BT WiFi app

mybt does not need a @btinternet username, it uses whatever contact email address you entered when signing up, mine uses an aol email, but the bt wifi must use your master btinternet email address and password

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