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Cannot log into BT WiFi Account



When i go to log into my account or load up the BT Opene zone page to add the details I keep coming up against log in details.


I type in my username and password and it just says that it is incorrect? And yet I can log into my BT account, log into here, and everywhere... but I CANNOT log into the bt openzone.


very frustrating to say the least.


Help meeeeee

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Distinguished Guru
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Re: Cannot log into BT WiFi Account

The log-in details for MyBT and BT WiFi are not necessarily the same. To log in to a BT WiFi hotspot you need your primary email address and password; it's the one you need to access BT Yahoo! Mail. Only a address will do, others such as will not work. Neither are appropriate for the link you posted as that's for non-BT Broadband customers.


To get to the internet via BT WiFi as a BT BB customer, you need to connect to a hotspot. When you then try to connect to the internet you will be presented with a landing page where you have to confirm that you're a BB customer (the default) and enter your log-in details as above.


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