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Cloud Storage - extremely limited use due to arbitrary design choices - please fix

Perhaps I have missed something, but having upgraded my storage to a useable amount I have begun using the BT Cloud service, and am shocked at the problems it has that seem entirely by design and not by limitations. 

1) The drag and drop site usable from desktop has a tiny maximum file size limit. Why? If I have a terrabyte of space, why on earth are you limiting the size of my uploads to 0.04% of that space? 

2) It is impossible becauase of this to just upload a file without storing it locally on my machine, or making a new folder for every file I want to upload, sync the file and then tell it not to sync again, allowing me to delete the local copy, but then never be able to upload to that folder again, or it will delete the online copies of the missing local files. Again, why? The limitation is arbitrary and makes the cloud space almost useless. Nothing can be synced and organised without also keeping the same data locally. 

3) The ability to play back media files is also capped by file size limit of a few hundred Mb, meaning it is useless for video files larger than 30 seconds long at a decent bitrate. Not being able to play back the files I do actually manage to upload is awful, but I consider this a much lesser problem than being able to store things in the cloud effectively. 

These issues really need to be addressed. It is not really acceptable that I cannot simply upload a file where I want, and of a size within my available storage space. 

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