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Cloud sharing to manage web site

Two of us work on the village web site at various times. Rather than keep having to tell each other what file we have changed and then download it to keep our individual PCs in synch, I thought of putting all the web file files on BT cloud. As we only need less than 3 or 4 Gbytes there is little point in goig for oe you for


The idea is that when either of us is going to work on a file we download it from the cloud, make the changes and then upload it to both the web site server and back to the cloud storage.


Will this be possible?

Can we both access the storage area using our separate BT user Ids and passwords?

Are we better looking elsewhere. A paid for service is not out of the question as the Parish Council would pick up the bill, but it is tax payers' money so not a first choice!

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Re: Cloud sharing to manage web site

Hi Begadoc,


Thanks for posting. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Basically the answer here is currently a no unfortunately as you cannot collaborate on a file and access it in the service with two separate sets of UserID's.






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Re: Cloud sharing to manage web site

BT Cloud does not really operate as a syncing service: you could do what you want but with lots of manual intervention.


You would almost certainly do better using either Dropbox or Google Docs; you should get enougb storage on either free.

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