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Confused by BT Cloud

OK so I've just installed BT Cloud.

I want it as a backup for my photos.  I'm looking to keep them all in the same order and folders as my laptop (so whatever is on the computer, gets reflected on the cloud).  Just in case the laptop breaks!

What I'm confused about is the backup option and whether files I delete on my laptop are also deleted on BT cloud.  

This page: says one thing:

"Even if files are deleted from a computer or device, the backed up version will remain in BT Cloud, in the Deleted Items folder, unless you manually delete it."

Which sounds fine - photos I delete on my computer and put in a separate deleted items folder.  Great.

But the PDF userguide (page 32) says something completely different:

"Any deleted content on the Desktop client is NOT synced to the Cloud. This ensures that the Cloud content is
secure even if you inadvertently delete a file or your desktop is lost or stolen."

Which sounds pretty rubbish.  If I tidy up my photos, I don't want to have to delete the cloud backup and re-upload everything again!

Can anyone tell me which the correct version is!?

Also I saw something on the forums that worried me about if I don't access, files will be deleted after 30 days ... slightly concerned about that as seems against the whole point of a backup!  If this is true, do they warn you first?


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Re: Confused by BT Cloud

Files that are deleted on your PC or any other device that is connected to BT Cloud are NOT deleted from the cloud backup. This is a safety measure in case a file is deleted by mistake. If you wish to delete these files permanently you will have to log in to the BT Cloud and physically delete them. These files will then be placed into a deleted folder in the Cloud which you can either keep or delete permanently. If you are doing a massive tidy up on your computer then the best way to reflect this rearrangement in the Cloud is to delete the current backup and create a new one, bit of a pain I will admit, but as the cloud backups are not incremental it is the easiest way. As for files being deleted after 30 days, if this is the case then it will only be for the deleted files in the BT Cloud as this also applies to deleted files in Apple systems.

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Re: Confused by BT Cloud

I see.  A shame they don't just make that a bit clearer, their way of explaning things is so ambigious

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