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Deleting Parental Control on HH5 Router / BT DNS Server / Netflix

Hi I am new to BT and this forum so please excuse my ignorance. Nor am i tech mineded. More of a technophobe!


I recently changed broadband from Orange to BT (for  btsports). Since using the HH5 i can no longer use the UnBlock us service on my PS3 to watch different Netflix regions. I know BT are funny with people changing their DNS codes. I also know this is a common issue with BT after reading many threads on here. However i did read that if you delete BT Parental Control from both My BT Account and the actual HH5 router, you can then change the DNS codes and you will no longer get the annoying blue screen notice about the BT DNS servers and restricted web page.


I have deleted BT Parental Control from My BT Account online, but how do you delete the parental control from the HH5 router?


PS   Unblock US require me to change both the primary and secondary DNS codes on my PS3. When i do this and do a connection test, it fails and i cant connect to the internet. Disconnection only happens when i change the primary and secondary codes.


Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Re: Deleting Parental Control on HH5 Router / BT DNS Server / Netflix

They are not stored on the router, they are network based. Restarting the home hub should give you a different public IP address which is not via the controls.


BT Protect also stops you using different DNS servers.



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