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Deleting a whole file (tablet file) from All Files in BT cloud using iPad Pro (not pc)

No doubt I am missing something. I had 3,000+ photos on my iPad which were last backed up to the BT cloud in July 2021 (despite having everything for BT cloud back up turned on in the settings of my iPad ie synch) but I have reduced these down to 1,200. Today, when I have gone to back up to the cloud I can see the back up starts from what is already there - ie I can see thumbnails of photos being saved that I have deleted from the iPad. Anyway, as this takes hours, I thought I would delete the backups already in the cloud and do a new backup from the new 1,200 starting point. So, after googling I found a BT community post that says to do this go to All Files and click the delete button next to the folder you want to delete - there is no delete button next to my folders - if I click a folder it just goes through to the photos in the back up where I can select them individually to delete?! I can find no option regarding deleting anything after looking through all available menus. Having to delete each photo individually would obviously take forever: surely there is an easier way? Please forgive my ignorance lol. Thank you.

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