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Does anyone have a contact email for BT

I would like to start by saying thank you to the guys on this forum, for their help and assistance over the last few weeks with a number of issues, that they have helped with.


I wanted to write to BT just to express just how difecult they are to deal with and express my sheer frustration at the numbers of issues we have had and are still having.


The "MYBT" website appears to me to be the most useless and tempremental website I have used. The parental settingsnot working on broadband took over a week, and over two hours on the phone to BT to try and ressolve (Finally sorted by BT staff I contacted on here). Then all BT extras disappered from the website, and again gouldnt get hold of any staff on the phone to seal with it, (again managed to get hold of staff on here). I was also unable to cliam the £100 reward card vie the MYBT website, as the claim button didnt appear so had to do this over rthe phone (another 30 min phone call)


Now having got two sim cards for BT mobile, I can't access parentel settings on th Mobile section of "MY BT". I also follow the link to claim the £70 reward card for taking out the mobile sims, but there is no button on my account to claim the reward card.


I am just very frustrated at such poor service from a company like BT. All of this is after BT took over a month to set up our broadband having mixed up our number with a neigbours, leaving them without their phone line and us without broadband. Please can anyone advise of the best emai address for sending a complaint. 


Sorry to drone on.


Many thanks for your kind assistance.


Best regards


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Re: Does anyone have a contact email for BT

there is only this link  which is in 'help' at top of page

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