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I have written on here before about my dongle. I have had trouble eversince I have used it. I have written in recently but had no reply yet. So apologies if I am reapeating myself. Bt gave me another Goodwill Gesture as the remaining data was taken before time and guess what its happened again.


I got the one off Data bundle on the 11th April and therefore it should run out at midnight today. I had over 500MB left when I logged of last night and its now 14.11 and the lot has disappeared yet again before Midnight tonight! So cant even use it.


I keep saying I will go with aother provider and its getting pretty near that decision. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I have £13.32 in my e-wallet.


Any Advice? I have a screen shot which I have tried to attach but cant and it was 575MB.



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